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“One always embarks on a John Rhode book with a great sense of security. One knows that there will be a sound plot, well-knit process of reasoning, and a solidly satisfying solution with no loose ends or careless errors of fact.”—Dorothy Sayers

The Bloody Tower

Death on the

Boat Train

Death Sits on

the Board

Dr. Priestley

Lays a Trap

The Harvest Murder

Murder at Lilac


John Dickson Carr

And So to Murder

John Dickson Carr

The Judas Window

“Mr. Carr can lead us away from the small, artificial world of the ordinary detective plot into the menace of outer darkness. ... In short he can write. Every sentence gives a thrill of positive pleasure.”—Dorothy Sayers

The Corpse with

 the Eerie Eye

The Late Unlamented

“R. A. J. Walling may well be called the dean of

British mystery authors.”—Will Cuppy

Coming soon: Walling's A Corpse by Any Other Name

Carr & Rhode (Cecil Street)

Fatal Descent

The Man in Gray

The Polkadot Murder

The Shocking Pink Hat

Thirteen White Tulips

The Indigo Necklace

Horror on the Ruby X

The Coral Princess Murders

Black Cypress

The Amber Eyes

Murder in Bright Red

Asey “Cape Cod Sherlock” Mayo

The Cape Cod Mystery

Three Plots for

Asey Mayo

Punch with Care

Diplomatic Corpse

Leonidas “Bill Shakespeare” Witherall

Mrs. Boylston “Non-Series” Tower

“Taylor can get more fun into a detective story than any writer at present producing, and with all the fun there is a mystery that is baffling for its own sake.”—The New York Times

Beginning with a Bash

The Iron Clew

Murder at the New York Worlds Fair

Darwin Teilhet

The Talking Sparrow Murders

D & H Teilhet

The Feather Cloak Murders

Stuart Palmer

Murder on Wheels

Stuart Palmer

Four Lost Ladies

Stuart Palmer

The Cases of Hidegarde Withers

Erle Stanley Gardner

The Case of the Backward Mule

Erle Stanley Gardner

Give em the Ax

Erle Stanley Gardner

Crows Cant Count

Coming soon: Teilhet's The Ticking Terror Murders

“Those who have not already made the acquaintance of Hildegarde should make haste to do so, for she is one of the world’s shrewdest and most amusing detectives.”—The New York Times

Helen Reilly

Tell Her It's Murder

Helen Reilly

Name Your Poison

Helen Reilly

The Farmhouse

Helen Reilly

The Dead Can Tell

“Helen Reilly’s stories of Inspector McKee are convincing because she has made a close study of the workings of the New York City Police Department and has always aimed at solving fictional crimes just as the police would go about solving real ones.”—The New York Times

Helen McCloy

Two-Thirds of a Ghost

Helen McCloy

Do Not Disturb


Craig Rice

The Big Midget Murders

Craig Rice

The Fourth Postman

Craig Rice

Jethro Hammer

Christianna Brand

Death of Jezebel

Vera Caspary


Elizabeth Daly

Unexpected Night

Dorothy Salisbury Davis

The Judas Cat

Mildred Davis

They Buried a Man

Lillian de laTorre

Three Cases of Samuel Johnson

Mignon Eberhart

Five Passengers from Lisbon

Baynard Kendrick

Blood on Lake Louisa

Jonathan Latimer

Sinners and Shrouds

Frances & Richard Lockridge

The Dishonest Murderer

Jean Potts

Death of a Stray Cat

Kelley Roos

The Blonde Died Dancing

Representative Works, 2014